Bug: Issues on Windows with SFN disabled

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Bug: Issues on Windows with SFN disabled

Zach Bjornson

R appears to assume that Windows drives have short file names (SFN, 8.3)
enabled; for example, that "C:/Program Files/..." is addressable as
"C:/Progra~1/...". Newer versions of Windows have SFN disabled on non-OS
drives, however.

This means that if you install R on a non-OS drive, you
- can't start R.exe from the command line.
- consequently, anything that attempts to spawn a new R process also fails.
This includes a lot of the commands from the popular devtools package. More
discussion and background: https://github.com/hadley/devtools/issues/1514

I don't have access to bugzilla to file this there.

Thanks and best,

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