Changing labels on the scale of image.plot(fields)

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Changing labels on the scale of image.plot(fields)

Camarda, Carlo Giovanni
Dear R-Users,
I am searching a way of changing the labels of the scale of a image.plot
function in library(fields). Taking the following example I would like
to add my own labels on the right side of the scale and it would be nice
to decide also where to have the ticks.
In this particular template I am sending you, I would like to have on
the scale "my.labels" instead of 0,5,10...30.
Thanks in advance,
Carlo Giovanni Camarda

A <- matrix(1:20, ncol=4)
my.breaks <- c(0,6,8,10,12,14,30)
my.colors <- c("black", "green", "blue", "red", "yellow", "pink")
my.labels <- c(" ", LETTERS[1:5], " ")
image.plot(A, breaks=my.breaks, col=my.colors, zlim=range(my.breaks))

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