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Distribution Fitting with R

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Hello everyone,

Basically, I want to perform some distribution fitting analysis to a particular data that I have.

So the data I will be working with is structured as follows:

Vessel Size                              Number of Vessels                       Frequency

1000-2000 TEUS                                           1000                                                                               1%
2000-3000 TEUS                                           3000                                                                             15%
3000-4000 TEUS                                           2750                                                                             10%
4000-5000 TEUS                                           5700                                                                             30%

The field Vessel Size is a categorical one, specifying what is the vessel size category, then the field Number of Vessels tells me how many vessels are in each one of those vessel size categories and frequency is just the percentage of the total (this is just an example).

How can I perform a distribution fit for this data? The reason why I want to fit a distribution is to then perform a Monte Carlo Simulation with the data.

Any help will be greatly appreciated,

Best regards,