Fortran and C entry point problem.

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Fortran and C entry point problem.

Steve Su
Dear All,


I have seen a number of e mails on this topic but I have not seen a
general solution to date. I have Fortran and C source codes and they
have been compiled successfully using:


R CMD build mypackage




R CMD install mypackage


Without error messages.


I then open R and tests out two functions and get:


> pgl(0.2,1,2,3,4)

Error in .C("gl_fmkl_distfunc", lambdas[1], lambdas[2], lambdas[3],
lambdas[4],  :

        C entry point "gl_fmkl_distfunc" not in DLL for package

> runif.sobol(10,5)

Error in .Fortran("sobol", as.double(qn), as.integer(n),
as.integer(dimension),  :

        Fortran entry point "sobol_" not in DLL for package "mypackage"



Alternatively running C CMD check mypackage will also pick up these
errors when they try to run the examples.


I have used Fortran and C codes already available on CRAN so I am unsure
what is the missing link to make these work?


Can anyone provide an explanation and procedure to over come this





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