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Hi everybody,

I am a new user for R. It is quiet exciting to leanr this software. Unfotunately, I am a bit stuck on a script I am trying to do:( I would need some help from you guys:

I am trying to do a GAM with the following design: 3 locations, 12 months, 4 biological parameters (weight, length, gut index, condition factor), 3 environmental parameters (temperature, photoperiod, chlorophyl a). I would like to see the relationship between the gonad index and these 4 biological parameters and 3 environmental parameters. However, I don't really know how to group these data per month and per location. In other words, I would like that the gonad index of month x1 will be compared with the variables of month x1 (etc) and see if there are differences between the three locations.

Do you have an idea how I could do that?
Thank you very much!!!