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Generic backsolve?

When loading the package SparseM, a "warning" is generated

        The following object(s) are masked from package:base :

One, of three, examples is the function backsolve which is defined
in SparseM as:

         function(r, x, k = NULL, upper.tri = NULL, transpose = NULL,  
twice = TRUE, ...)
         useAsDefault= function(r, x,  k = NULL, upper.tri = NULL,
                 transpose = NULL, twice = TRUE, ...)
                 base::backsolve(r, x, k = ncol(r), upper.tri = TRUE,
                         transpose = FALSE, ...))

Methods are then defined for sparse matrix classes.

My question is:  Is there a better way to do this that will avoid the
load warning?  Should I revert to the suggestion in the "Writing
R Extensions" manual and avoid the setGeneric approach
entirely?  (My most recent experience is with R 2.9.1, but this
has been an issue for several versions.)

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