Getting Utilities from Subject Ranks

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Getting Utilities from Subject Ranks

Hello R gurus,

I am trying to elicit choice preferences from some subjects. I have four options and a fifth dimension that provides $ values to calibrate utilities back to $. Here is my design:

> print(Levels)
[1] "Defect"     "Insolvency" "Phoenix"    "Interstate" "Value"
> print(design)
      Def Ins Pho Int Val
4     O    O    C    D  10M
13    A    B    O    O  10M
23    A    O    O    D   1M
26    O    B    C    O   1M
33    A    B    C    D 100K
48    O    O    O    O 100K
54    O    B    O    D  10K
59    A    O    C    O  10K
> print(responses)
     [,1] [,2] [,3] [,4] [,5] [,6] [,7] [,8]
[1,]    2    1    3    8    7    5    6    4
[2,]    4    1    5    2    6    8    3    7
[3,]    1    2    5    4    3    7    8    6

The "responses" are subjects rankings of the design options where column 1 in the "responses" is the rank assigned to 4 in the "Design" and column 2 of "Responses" is the rank assigned by the subjects for 13 in the "design". Each row in the responses is the ranks provided by each subject for each option.  A is the first option (i.e. Defects), B is the second (i.e. Insolvency) etc. The "0" is an absence of the option.

My question is: "From the above, how do I get the utilities or part-worths of the Levels based on the subjects response?"

Should I be using conjoint, mlogit or something else?
or do I need to redesign my survey?

Thanks in advance and have a good one.