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     I am using R 3.3.1 in R studio version 1.0.44 (Windows10, 64 bit system). I could import text file with Boolean rules, but when I start doing analysis in R, I get the error: I have been trying to do attractor analysis using R package Boolnet, using the command: attr <- getAttractors(net, type="asynchronous"). This command throws up the below error:

Error in matrix(nrow = n, ncol = length(network$genes)) :
  invalid 'nrow' value (too large or NA)
In addition: Warning message:
In matrix(nrow = n, ncol = length(network$genes)) :
  NAs introduced by coercion to integer range

 Have anyone come across this error?. I have attached the text file with Boolean rules. Pls find it. Any suggestions or ideas, would be of great help

Thank you