How do I put these functions "together"?

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How do I put these functions "together"?

Sara Mouro


        I am writing you because I need to plot the confidence envelopes for
functions Jest, Jcross, Jdot, Jmulti, and L, using the Spatstat package.

        I have already understood how to do that for Kest or Jest, that is:
        JEnv <- plot(envelope(PPPData, Jest))
                Where PPPData is my ppp object.

        However, for Jcross I must specify the two marks I want to analyse.
        That is, usually I would get the Jcross doing:
        Jc <- Jcross(PPPData,"Aun","Qsu")
                For marks "Aun" and "Qsu".

        And for L function, I know I do:
        K <- Kest (PPPData, correction="isotropic")
        plot (K, r-sqrt(iso/pi)~r)

        But I could not understand how to put all that together, that is how
should I write the envelope function:
- to plot Jcross (where and how do I specify types/marks ??)
- to plot L (where do I write that I do not want K, but
r-sqrt(iso/pi)~r, instead??)
- etc. for similar functions not so simple as Jest, Kest or Gest.

        Hope someone can please help me on this.
        I have already looked at the package's manual, but I could not find
any example similar to what I am trying to do.

        Best Regards,
        Sara Mouro.

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