Need confirmation of my lme() structure

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Need confirmation of my lme() structure


I'm a new user of R and I would need somebody to confirm (or not!) that
I'm doing right. I'm analyzing diving characteristics (maximal depth,
etc...) of birds breeding in 2 sites, during 2 stages (see data
structiring below).

   FILE        SITE      STAGE
M04    :402   C: 471   Guard:1557
M13    :344   M:2143   Incub:1057                                     M10
  :252                                  M14    :209                      
          M15    :190                                  (Other):955

I want to analyse the effects of site and stage using REML analyses with
site and stage as fixed factors and file (i.e. individual bird) as a
random factor.
In R, I would write the following command:

> reml_depthmax <- lme(DEPTHMAX~SITE*STAGE, random=~1|FILE,

Am I right???

Many thanks for your help,


Amélie Lescroël, Ph.D.
Centre d'Etudes Biologiques de Chizé - CNRS, UPR 1934
79360 Villiers en Bois

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