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R Code Problem - HELP!

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I am trying to get my code to work, and I am totally lost as to what is wrong, and how to fix it. I have consulted with the folks I know who are good at this stuff, and they are lost too. Here is what I have entered, and the output that I get back:

summary(aov(Concentration ~ Timepoint + Error(Animal / Timepoint), data=Progesterone))
with(Progesterone, pairwise.t.test(x=Concentration, g=Timepoint, p.adjust.method = "bonferroni"))
boxplot(Concentration~Timepoint,axes=F,xlab="Landmark Days During Gestation",ylab="Progesterone ng/g of Dried Feces")
axis(1,at=1:7,lab=c("DOP","DOP+2","eDOF","DOB-21","DOB-14","DOB-7","1-3 Days Before Birth"))

axis(1,at=1:7,lab=c("DOP","DOP+2","eDOF","DOB-21","DOB-14","DOB-7","1-3 Days Before Birth"))
Error in axis(1, at = 1:7, lab = c("DOP", "DOP+2", "eDOF", "DOB-21", "DOB-14",  :
  plot.new has not been called yet
> axis(2)
Error in axis(2) : plot.new has not been called yet

I don't know why it is telling me that a new plot hasn't been called yet. Can someone help me figure out what I need to fix here? Thank you in advance