R function use in C returning a list

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R function use in C returning a list

Vumani Dlamini
Dear R users,
Is it possible to use an R function accepting several arguments and
returning a list in C code. I notice that in all examples only one variable
is returned.
Here is the C part I feel is giving the problems,

        SEXP R_fcall, ans;
        PROTECT(R_fcall = lang2(likelihood, R_NilValue));
        defineVar(install("PAR"), PAR, env);
        defineVar(install("DATA"), oldData, env);
        defineVar(install("N"), N, env);
        PROTECT(ans =  eval(R_fcall, env));

oldData is a matrix which i set using

        SEXP dim;
        PROTECT(dim = NEW_INTEGER(2));
        INTEGER_DATA(dim)[0] = n;
        INTEGER_DATA(dim)[1] = 2;
        setAttrib(oldData, R_DimSymbol, dim);

if i return both function and data they are ok, but its evaluating the
function and returning the list or even a single number which is a problem.
Thanks again, Vumani

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