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Clément Calenge
Dear all,

I have just uploaded to CRAN the version 1.4 of the
package 'adehabitat'. Significant changes are
listed below:

- The eigenanalysis of selection ratios (Calenge and Dufour, 2006, Ecology)
  can now be performed using the function eisera(). It can be used for
the analysis of
  habitat selection when habitat can be considered to consist of several
habitat types
  (e.g. vegetation types).

- A new class, the class "ltraj", is now available for the analysis of
trajectories of animals
  (e.g. for the analysis of data collected using GPS collars). This
class automatically
  computes the turning angles between successive moves, the absolute
angles for each move,
  the speeds and the net squared displacement for each relocation. This
class is to be
  prefered to the class "traj". The class "traj" is now deprecated.
  Note that the data set "puechcirc" is now of the class ltraj.

- The functions making the interface with the package "sp" have been
updated: 'area2spol'
   converts an object of class 'area' into an object of class
'SpatialPolygons'. 'spol2area' converts
   an object of class 'SpatialPolygons' or 'SpatialPolygonsDataFrame'
into an object of class 'area'.
   'attpol2area' gets the data attribute of an object of class
   and stores is into a data frame. 'traj2spdf' converts an object of
class 'traj' into an object of
   class 'SpatialPointsDataFrame'. 'traj2sldf' converts an object of
class 'traj' into an object of
   class 'SpatialLinesDataFrame'.

- The function enfa() has been modified:
   The old components "co" and "l1" have been removed from objects of
class "enfa", as they did not rely
   on solid mathematical theory. The old component "c1" is now named
"co", and corresponds to
   the scores of habitat variables in the enfa (the squared norm of this
vector is equal to 1 for
   the identity metric). As previously, the component "li" stores the
scores of the resource units
   in the ENFA.

- The function df2kasc now accept objects of class "kasc" with one column.

- That's all, thanks for reading !

Questions, comments and suggestions are greatly appreciated.
Happy testing,

Clément Calenge

LBBE - UMR CNRS 5558 - Université
Claude Bernard Lyon 1 - FRANCE
tel. (+33)
fax. (+33)

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