Working with R in a multi-processor machine.

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Working with R in a multi-processor machine.

Aitor Mata Conde

> Hi everyone!!
> This is my first message to the list, so I hope not to disturb
> anyone if the subject of my message has been already treated.
> The question is that I have a tool, a GUI made with Java, connected
> to R using Rserve, and I'd like to get R and Rserve in a
> multi-processor machine.  Now, when I'm going to start the migration
> I wonder whether R is prepared, 'itself' to optimize the use of
> multiple processors or if I should change the code so that it could
> be a real multi-processor tool.
> In other words... Will the R code adapt itself to the new machine
> (Unix with al least 4 processors)? Or shall I change the code to
> have multiple real threads and transform the algorithms into
> parallel computing strategies?

R is not multi-threaded and will not be able to automagically make use
of a SMP machine.  I'm pretty sure what you want to do is configure
your app to launch 4 R instances and manage of queue of some sort.

The problem is that I work with algorithms that use great
amounts of data (files from 2 to 20 or 30 Mb) so, it will
be great to divide the work of analyzing the data among
all the processors....
Is that possible?

Thanks again,


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