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Dear all,
   I've a problem with bootstarp package... I want to bootstrap
correlation ratio of some data.
 my code is:
 f<-function(d) cov(d$x,d$y)/sqrt(var(x)*var(y))
 As a result I got an error:
 Error in statistic(data, original, ...) : unused argument(s) (..
 d is a data.frame containing two vectors with labels x and y.
 Also, another thing I have problem with is generating the
confidence interval using
 if I write:
 I get an error:
 Error in, conf, index[1], L = L, t = t.o, t0 =
 t0.o, h = h,  :
         estimated adjustment 'a' is NA
 Last question is how to generate a studentized intervals for
 such data?


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