inconsolata.sty is liable to disappear, texinfo 5.1

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inconsolata.sty is liable to disappear, texinfo 5.1

Prof Brian Ripley
We use the inconsolata LaTeX package by default for monospaced text in R
PDF manuals, including package reference manuals (so needed to R CMD check).

You might find inconsolata.sty suddenly disappearing from your system:
it happened to me with a MiKTeX update earlier this week.  OTOH, TeXLive
2013 and MacTeX 2013, released on Tuesday, still have it.  But I suspect
a TeXLive update may change this shortly.

It seems the LaTeX inconsolata package
( since 2013-06-12 no longer
contains inconsolata.sty, rather zi4.sty.


- for existing MiKTeX users, do not accept an update to the inconsolata

- use R-patched or R-devel, both of which have been modified to use
zi4.sty if inconsolata.sty is not available.

- if your LaTeX installation gets updated and you do not want to update
R, you can update just Rd.sty from .  Or you
could write a file inconsolata.sty as a wrapper for zi4.sty and put it
in your TEXINPUTS path.

On a similar note, if your system decides to update the GNU texinfo
package to 5.x and you want to make the R manuals, you need to use
R-patched or R-devel.   (That includes installing R from the sources.)
As far as we know, no distro has yet released a version with the
incompatible texinfo 5.1, but it is in Debian testing and Fedora 19 beta.

Brian D. Ripley,                  [hidden email]
Professor of Applied Statistics,
University of Oxford,             Tel:  +44 1865 272861 (self)
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Oxford OX1 3TG, UK                Fax:  +44 1865 272595

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