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_pei386_runtime_relocator ? (PR#8491)


The problem arises when I try to use /bin/Rcmd shlib to create a DLL for
external fortran code to do numerical integration from Dr. Alan Genz's
website.  I tried this yesterday after downloading R-tools, activePerl,
mingw and cygwin and reinstalling R.

I used the following command

c:\"program files"\R\rw2010\bin\Rcmd shlib ranrth.f

I got the following error message:

In function
'DllMainCRTStartup':  d:/src/mingw/build/runtime/../..runtime/dllcrt1.c:67:
  undefined reference to '_pei386_runtime_relocator'

I am a new user, but I searched the R web-site first, and couldn't find
this error message.  A google search confirmed that it is a cygwin error
message, but it was in an exchange between two cygwin developers, and I
couldn't figure out what the message means.  The only google hits were on
the cygwin web-site. The cygwin web-site also said that they would flame
any new users who asked stupid questions, and I am hoping you guys are more

thanks warmly,

Marian Ewell

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