proposed patch to /src/library/datasets/man/mtcars.Rd

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proposed patch to /src/library/datasets/man/mtcars.Rd

Mara Averick noticed some oddities in the mtcars data set:

I propose the following patch. While anyone with access to JSTOR could
dig in and find this information themselves, it would seem a friendly
gesture to include it ...

    Ben Bolker

--- mtcars.Rd (revision 75186)
+++ mtcars.Rd (working copy)
@@ -35,6 +35,14 @@
   Building multiple regression models interactively.
   \emph{Biometrics}, \bold{37}, 391--411.
+Henderson and Velleman (1981) comment in a footnote to Table 1:
+\sQuote{Hocking [original transcriber]'s  noncrucial coding of the
+Mazda's rotary engine as a straight six-cylinder engine and the
+Porsche's flat engine as a V engine, as well as the inclusion of the diesel
+Mercedes 240D, have been retained to enable direct comparisons to be made
+with previous analyses.}
 pairs(mtcars, main = "mtcars data", gap = 1/4)

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