".file.gct" NMF outputfile conversion to "file.gct or file.txt"

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".file.gct" NMF outputfile conversion to "file.gct or file.txt"

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Hi guys,

I have been using the R source code to execute NMFconsensus.R from the Gene Pattern website (http://genepattern.broadinstitute.org/gp/getFile.jsp?task=urn:lsid:broad.mit.edu:cancer.software.genepattern.module.analysis:00057:5&file=nmfconsensus.R). I was able to run the code but the output files resulted in ".file.gct" (see pic below) instead of "file.gct". These files were "crypted"...
After searching online for a while, I came across this" Since these files have a dot in front of their names, they will be invisible on a *nix (Mac OS X, Linux) system. If you are working on the command line at a *nix system, make them visible by ls -la and change there name by mv .consensus.k.5.gct consensus.k.5.gct."

I have no access to Linux, and won't know have to use it even if I did. Anyone knows how I could work around this issue? I would really appreciate any input from you all, since I'm a novice in this.

Thank you for your time,

Take care,


Output ".file.gct"