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Re: formula(model.frame(..)) is misleading 1 reply R devel
formula(model.frame(..)) is misleading 5 replies R devel
Re: Function I mean not to export keeps being documented in a manual? 0 replies R devel
order(decreasing=c(TRUE,FALSE),...) 0 replies R devel
Re: named arguments discouraged in `[.data.frame` and `[<-.data.frame` 3 replies R devel
issue with testInstalledPackage 1 reply R devel
R 3.5.2 scheduled for December 20 0 replies R devel
Re: problematic dev.off() after running examples without plots 0 replies R devel
problematic dev.off() after running examples without plots 2 replies R devel
STRING_IS_SORTED claims as.character(1:100) is sorted 2 replies R devel
error unserializing ascii format (v2 or v3) 2 replies R devel
v3 serialization of compact_intseq altrep should write modified data 1 reply R devel
invisible functions 3 replies R devel
unlockEnvironment()? 1 reply R devel
Surprise with plot.lm() 0 replies R devel
R_ext/Altrep.h should be more C++-friendly 4 replies R devel
bug with OutDec option and deferred_string altrep object 2 replies R devel
Redundant code in 'split.default' in R devel 1 reply R devel
Re: maximum matrix size 0 replies R devel
grDevices::convertColor and colorRamp(space='Lab') Performance Improvements 1 reply R devel
1234567 ... 19