tkchooseDirectory opens dialog below browser window

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tkchooseDirectory opens dialog below browser window

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Dear all,

I'm using the tkchooseDirectory in a Shiny application to select a folder for importing a data file (on a windows 8 PC). This works fine, except that the popup dialog for selecting the folder appears below the browser window, or below the R studio window if run from there. The dialog does not appear as an icon on the taskbar, so I have to minimize whatever windows it hides behind before I can access it. Is there any way to make sure it pops up on top?

(I tried choose.dir, but it does the same thing.)

Thanks in advance,



  condition = "output.idEntered",
  directoryInput('directory', label = 'Select data folder')


    ignoreNULL = TRUE,
    eventExpr = {
    handlerExpr = {
      if (input$directory > 0) {
        # condition prevents handler execution on initial app launch
        # launch the directory selection dialog with initial path read from the widget
        path = tclvalue(tkchooseDirectory())
        # update the widget value
        updateDirectoryInput(session, 'directory', value = path)