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tutorials on "statistical aspects" of R

Ben Bolker-2

[hidden email] wrote:

> >There are lots of tutorials at
> <http://cran.r-project.org/other-docs.html>.
> I have those of course. I was looking for further tutorials.
> >What do you mean the "statistical aspect" of R?
> I mean using and building statistical models for data analysis
> specifying the possibilities of variations appearing in R. An example
> would be specifying Split-plot ANOVA with both random and fixed factors.
> A lot of the tutorials in above url try to explain R as a programming
> language and therefore cannot allow too many explanation. That is the
> case of "Jack of all trades... etc." R is useful for quite a lot of
> things, however I'm looking for something like a statistics course in R.
> Just to prevent misunderstanding, I do own, and am familiar with,
> exhaustive statistical texts. So I don't exactly need a course in
> statistics.
> Thanks in advance,
>     Gil

 (I'm redirecting this to the general R list, since it's not
particularly Mac specific any more.)
 Despite your claim,  there are statistics-oriented tutorials available in
the "other docs" section (esp. Faraway and Fox).  However, if I recall
and if you need split-plot ANOVA etc., these may not be quite advanced
(statistically) for you (Faraway has about 5 pages on block designs).  
You may need to buy or
borrow a book: I would recommend Crawley's
books (Statistics: an Introduction using R has only 4 or so pages,
Statistical Computing
has a whole 16-page chapter); Venables and Ripley (the bible) has a
chapter on random and
mixed effects, and Pinheiro and Bates is an entire book on mixed models
... all of these
except Statistical Computing are listed on the R books page.  Faraway
also has
"Linear models with R", which has a chapter on block designs.

  That should give you some starting points ...

 Ben Bolker

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