Best way to implement optional functions?

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Best way to implement optional functions?

J C Nash
I'm relieved to read that this issue is becoming more visible. In my own
work on optimizers, I've been finding it awkward to provide a clean
solution to allowing users to run e.g., optimx, when some optimizers are
not installed. Unfortunately, I've not found what I consider to be a
solution with any elegance.


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> Date: Thu, 22 Oct 2015 15:55:01 -0400
> From: Duncan Murdoch <[hidden email]>
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> Subject: [Rd] Best way to implement optional functions?
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> I'm planning on adding some new WebGL functionality to the rgl package,
> but it will pull in a very large number of dependencies. Since many
> people won't need it, I'd like to make the new parts optional.
> The general idea I'm thinking of is to put the new stuff into a separate
> package, and have rgl "Suggest" it.  But I'm not sure whether these
> functions  should only be available in the new package (so users would
> have to attach it to use them), or whether they should be in rgl, but
> fail if the new package is not available for loading.
> Can people suggest other packages that solve this kind of problem in a
> good way?
> Duncan Murdoch

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