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Dear Pantelis,

there have been numerous reports on the R mailing lists that the
StatLib mirror of CRAN is not up to date, and I also have written
several emails to you asking about the nature of the problems. E.g.,

shows an old listing, and

points to the wrong directory giving packages for the development
version of R rather then the released version (on the master it is a
link to 2.2, on your copy it seems to be a link to 2.3).

If the problems persist and cannot be fixed it is perhaps the easiest
solution if you stop mirroring CRAN, as download problems from StatLib
get reported to us as "bugs in R".

With best regards,
Fritz Leisch

                        Friedrich Leisch
Institut für Statistik                     Tel: (+43 1) 58801 10715
Technische Universität Wien                Fax: (+43 1) 58801 10798
Wiedner Hauptstraße 8-10/1071
A-1040 Wien, Austria   

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