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In the NEWS for R 3.1.0, there is this item:

      The CRANextra repository is no longer a default repository on Windows: all the binary versions of packages from CRAN are now on CRAN, although CRANextra contains packages from Omegahat and elsewhere used by CRAN packages.

However, the .onLoad function in package utils still appends CRANextra to the Windows repos list and sets the repos option, so that CRANextra does indeed still appear as a default repository on Windows. This patch should make the reality agree with the NEWS...

Index: zzz.R
--- zzz.R (revision 73224)
+++ zzz.R (working copy)
@@ -39,8 +39,7 @@
         if(.Platform$OS.type == "windows") {
             list(unzip = "internal",
                  editor = if(length(grep("Rgui", commandArgs(), TRUE))) "internal" else "notepad",
-                 repos = c(CRAN = "@CRAN@",
-                           CRANextra = "")
+                 repos = c(CRAN = "@CRAN@")
         } else
             list(unzip = Sys.getenv("R_UNZIPCMD"),

(This patch was against R-patched; the same change needs to be made to R-devel as well...)


Rich Calaway
Microsoft R Product Team
+1 (425) 4219919 X19919

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