Extracting data elements from simpleboot

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Extracting data elements from simpleboot

Terry W. Schulz
I am new to R, so forgive my ignorance on what is probably simple.
I find package simpleboot quite useful for LOESS bootstrapping and
generation of plots.
I want to calculate the standard error for x=60 from the 100 grid points
and 50 bootstraps.
The code below gives the first fitted value.
How can I grab the other 49 values easily?
I could do it one at a time for 50 bootstraps, but this becomes tedious
for say 2000 bootstraps.
Thanks for any help.

lo <- loess(y ~ z, data=cholost, span=.5, degree=2, family="gaussian",
lo.b <- loess.boot(lo, R=50, rows = TRUE, new.xpts = NULL, ngrid = 100,
weights = NULL)

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