Google Summer of Code for R projects / mentors needed

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Google Summer of Code for R projects / mentors needed

J C Nash
One of the mechanisms by which R has been extended and improved has been through
the efforts of students and mentors in the Google Summer of Code initiatives. This
year Toby Hocking (along with others) has continued to lead this effort.

This year, Google has changed the format somewhat so that the projects are shorter.
There will likely be more of them.

For success, we have learned that projects need at least 2 mentors -- illness,
life events, world events and holidays can get in the way of monitoring student
work and handling the minor but critical short reports to Google to ensure money
gets to deserving students (and does not get sent otherwise!).

Please consider mentoring and/or proposing a project. See

As an example, my own proposal concerns improving the behaviour and features
of the nls() function.

John Nash

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