Importing a complex XML file (SDMX format)

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Importing a complex XML file (SDMX format)

Hi folks!

I am trying to read a large XML file from the Fed that contains quarterly Flow of Funds data since the 1950s.  It contains lots of individual tables in something called the "Statistical Data and Metadata eXchange format" (SDMX format).

I am not sure if I need something specific to the SDMX format to read the file, or just to use the XML  package correctly. The XML package includes over 70 documented functions and frankly I have not been able to figure where to start. This is the first time I have ever needed to open up an XML file of any kind, so I am starting from scratch.

I would be very grateful for advice on either reading an arbitrary but complex XML file or from anyone who has succeeded in opening an XML file in SDMX format.

Warmest regards, andrewH