Issue with installing RExcel

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Issue with installing RExcel

Hi community.  I'm fairly new to R and have a basic question.  When I try to install RExcel with the code:
install.packages("RExcelInstaller", "rcom", "rsproxy")
I get the message below:
Warning in install.packages("RExcelInstaller", "rcom", "rsproxy") :
  'lib = "rcom"' is not writable
Error in install.packages("RExcelInstaller", "rcom", "rsproxy") :
  unable to install packages
How do I make the rcom folder writable?
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Re: Issue with installing RExcel

Charlie Friedemann
If you look at the help for install.packages:


You will see that the first argument to install.packages takes a vector of the package names. In your case, you are passing three arguments to the function, so R is trying to install "RExcelInstaller" package into a library directory called "rcom" which is what is causing the error as there is no "rcom" library directory.

You could install the packages like this:

install.packages(c("RExcelInstaller","rcom","rscproxy")) #note that its 'rscproxy' not 'rsproxy'

In the above R code you can see how only one argument is provided to install.packages: a length 3 character vector of the package names.

However, I would recommend installing RExcel via the R and Friends installer distributed by statconn. You can find it here:  Using the installer ensures that the registry and system path variables are set up correctly.

Also, note that rcom has its own (private) mailing list to which you should direct your RExcel related questions. You can sign up for the mailing list here:

Good luck.