Mention L suffix in integer man page?

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Mention L suffix in integer man page?

Thomas J. Leeper
This is just a suggestion for a documentation improvement. I went to `?
integer` (src/library/base/man/integer.Rd) expecting to find an explanation
of the L suffix described in: and `?
NumericConstants` but it's not mentioned anywhere. It might be useful to

1. An example of explicit declaration of integers, like the one from `?

## If you actually wanted integers, use an "L" suffix.

## These are equal but not identical
2 == 2L
identical(2, 2L)

2. A cross-reference to the `? NumericConstants` man page and/or a
cross-reference to the `? ':'` or `? seq` man pages, which describe how
particularities of how integer sequences can be (reliably) constructed.

Again, just a suggestion.


Thomas J. Leeper

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