Package 'tools' support for linux binary packages?

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Package 'tools' support for linux binary packages?

Dirk Eddelbuettel

I may have a deployment reason at work for Linux binary packages as created
by `R CMD INSTALL --build src`.  Using the example of my digest package this
creates eg


where 'x86_64-pc-linux-gnu' is also what `R.version[["platform"]]` returns.

However, once I started to look into supporting this via my repository helper
package `drat`, I realized that the `tools::write_PACKAGES` function only
supports the three file types `drat` already knows about: source, and mac and
windows binaries.

From the help page


         write_PACKAGES(dir = ".", fields = NULL,
                        type = c("source", "mac.binary", "win.binary"),
                        verbose = FALSE, unpacked = FALSE, subdirs = FALSE,
                        latestOnly = TRUE, addFiles = FALSE, rds_compress = "xz")

        type: Type of packages: currently source ‘.tar.{gz,bz2,xz}’
              archives, and macOS or Windows binary (‘.tgz’ or ‘.zip’,
              respectively) packages are supported.  Defaults to
              ‘"win.binary"’ on Windows and to ‘"source"’ otherwise.

Would it make sense to add eg "lin.binary" ?

Or is that a bad idea because the binary packages do not have dependencies
etc encoded so that I may be better off punting with simpler helper functions
to 'push' to a directory and 'pull' from it where it just matches the largest
release version number given a package name (and maybe platform) ?


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