Perl array conversion in R to compare plots.

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Perl array conversion in R to compare plots.

Hello all,
I am using RSPerl package to display plots in R . I want to be able to compare
some data in boxplot and in histogram and in probplot ( from e1071 package)
- ( cumulative probability plot - normal)

I have a nested arrray of data ... from perl like the following
data[0][0] = (1,2,3,.....)
data[0][1] = ( 2,1,2,2,2,2,2)  - could be different lengths...
etc ( could be more two sets to compare...)
These get passed to the R engine as follows

x <- list(list(1,2,3,4),list(2,1,2,2,2,2,2))

I am trying to write a function that will perform boxplot on all this data but
I am not sure how to extract data properly and display

so far my function looks like
compareplot <- function(x,xlab=par("xlab"))
    for ( i in 1:length(x))
       # I think I have to do some assign and paste here"???
      xlist[i] <- unlist(x[[i]])
      args <- paste(args,xlist[i])
so I want my args to look something like xlist1,xlist2,....
hist(args) ...
or should I do some data.frame conversion on all of the lists... and how would
I go about doing a comparison of data on probplot ( cumulative probability plot
) or histogram compare?  

Thanks for any help,

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