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Point Size in plot.cox.zph

Luke Keele

I would like control over the point size (and the type of points) when
plotting a cox.zph object, but it returns the same error as when one
tries to change the y-axis.  I have searched the web for an answer (and
the r-help list) but to no avail.  What I have done is make a blank plot
and use the points command as follows:

plot(time, war.zph$y[,7], type="n")
points(war.zph[7],  ann=F, pch = ".")

But this causes you to lose the spline fit and seems rather cumbersome.
  A way to do this using the standard plot.cox.zph framework would be
very helpful.



Luke Keele
Assistant Professor
Dept. Of Political Science
Ohio State University

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