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[R-pkgs] Updated version of gdata, gtools, gplots and gmodels

Jain, Nitin

We have submitted the updated version of gdata, gmodels, gplots and gtools to CRAN.

Summary of the changes is attached at the end.

Nitin Jain, PhD
<[hidden email]>
Non Clinical Statistics
Pfizer, Inc. (Groton, CT)
Bldg: 260, # 1451
Ph:  (860) 686-2526 (Office)
Fax: (860) 686-6170

Brief description of changes:


 - Fixed bug in interleave.R - option to covert 1-column matrices to
   vector (based on Andrew Burgess's suggestion)

 - Updated Greg and Jim's email adresses

 - ll.R: Suppressed warning message in attach() call.

 - frameApply.Rd, reorder.Rd: Remove explicit loading of
   gtools in examples, so that failure to import functions from
   gtools gets properly caught by running the examples.

 - upperTriangle.R, man/upperTriangle.Rd: Add functions for
   extracting and modifying the upper and lower trianglular components of

 - is.what.R: Replaced the "not.using" vector with a more robust
   try(get(test)) to find out whether a particular is.* function
   returns a logical of length one.

-  DESCRIPTION: Added Suggests field

 -  Updated the example in frameApply


- Updated Greg's email address.

- Add support for lmer (lme version 4) objects to ci(), estimable(),
  and fit.contrast() via code contributed by Randall C Johnson.

- Add simplfied coefficient specification to estimable() based on a
  function provided by Randall C Johnson.  It is now possible to do
  things like:
        estimable(reg, c("xB"=1,"xD"=-1))
  instead of:
        estimable(reg, c(    0,   1,     0,   -1))
  which should make estimable() much easier to use for large models.


 - plotmeans.R: Fixed bug in plotmeans - based on Stefano Calza's
                suggestion (the function didn't account for factors
                unused levels, returning an error.)

 - exported plot.lm to NAMESPACE, Remove .Alias calls in plot.lm.R
                since .Alias is defunct.

 - barplot2.R: Changed the default greay colors to heat colors, if
               height is matrix

 - Updated Greg's email address

 - balloonplot.R: Recent changes to align row totals with the
                  overall total broke how the marginal cumulative
                  fractions were displayed. Added example using
                  Titanic data that exercises the multi-factor display.
                  Added -.tex, .pdf files and figuers, and RNEWS article
                  in inst/doc

 - colorpanel.R: colorpanel now allows only 2 colors to be specified
                 if no 'middle' color is desired.

CHANGES IN gtools 2.2.2

 -  src/setTCPNoDelay.c: Add C source code for setTCPNoDelay.

 -  NAMESPACE: Add UseDynLib to NAMESPACE so the shared library gets
               properly loaded.

 - Updated Greg's email address.

  - New function 'addLast' that adds functions to R's .Last() so
    that they will be executed when R is terminating.

  - New function setTCPNoDelay() that allows the TCP_NODELAY flag to
    be changed on socket objects.

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