RblDataLicense: Connecting R to Bloomberg Data License

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RblDataLicense: Connecting R to Bloomberg Data License

Emanuele Guidotti-2
I am thrilled to announce RblDataLicense, a new CRAN package which
connects R to the Bloomberg Data License service, the platform that
delivers Bloomberg’s datasets. Unlike the Rblpapi package for
Bloomberg Terminal users, RblDataLicense does not require the user to
set up any working Bloomberg installation. Built on top of RCurl, the
package establishes sftp connections to the Bloomberg Data License

As a prerequisite, a valid Data License from Bloomberg is needed
together with the corresponding SFTP credentials and whitelisting of
the IP from which accessing the service. This software and its author
are in no way affiliated, endorsed, or approved by "Bloomberg" or any
of its affiliates. "Bloomberg" is a registered trademark.

## These are dummy credentials. Replace with the credentials received
from Bloomberg
RblConnect(user = 'dl000000', pw = '0000000000000000')

## Bloomberg Query
data <- RblQuery(fields = c('PX_LAST', 'PX_OPEN', 'PX_HIGH', 'PX_LOW'),
                             identifiers = c('SXXE Index', "SX5E Index"),
                             from = '2005-01-01')

Source code for the package is at the RblDataLicense GitHub repo where
issue tickets can be filed as well:

Github issue tracker for bug reports:

Package page for more info:

CRAN page:

Emanuele Guidotti

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