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Re: Blotter package - problem with example (Jan Vandermeer)

Jan Vandermeer-2
Hi Pradeep;

As noted in the reply to Jeff and the list, the latest versions of xts
and quantmod fixed this problem. I intalled xts_0.6.8 and
quantmod_0.3-12 from R-forge and the example ran without mishap.

As a matter of curiosity, what do you mean dump it down? Where did you
find the the code expression "if (mid != 0 && key < vec[mid])" to make
your addition of " if (isTrue(mid != 0 && key < vec[mid]))."?

I'm not sure if I am up to tinkering at the level that you suggest but
I figure the more I know about some of the underlying stuff the more
likely I will be able to understand the obvious and maybe attempt a

Thanks for your suggestion, I did not attempt it but willl look
further when I know where to start.


On Wed, Oct 14, 2009 at 8:34 AM, Pradeep Raje <[hidden email]> wrote:

> Hi Jan:
> I lived with this irritating problem for a few days, and then decided to
> dumb it down.
> The problem in:
> "Error in if (mid != 0 && key < vec[mid]) { :
>  missing value where TRUE/FALSE needed".
> can be fixed by adding a isTrue() ahead of the expression. Try
> if (isTrue(mid != 0 && key < vec[mid])).
> I know it shouldn't happen this way: if (TRUE) gives an error msg but
> if(isTrue(TRUE)) flies. See if it helps.
> pradeep
> 18°96′50′′N 72°82′53′′ E

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