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Re: Bug 16719: kruskal.test documentation for formula

Kurt Hornik-5
>>>>> Thomas Levine writes:

Thanks: this is now fixed in the trunk with c74945.


> I submit a couple options for addressing bug 16719: kruskal.test
> documentation for formula.

> disallow-character.diff changes the documentation and error message
> to indicate that factors are accepted.

> allow-character.diff changes the kruskal.test functions to convert
> character vectors to factors; documentation is updated accordingly.

> I tested the updated functions with the examples in example.R. It is
> based on the examples in the bug report.

> If there is interest in applying either patch, especially the latter,
> I want first to test the change on lots of existing programs that call
> kruskal.test, to see if it causes any regressions. Is there a good place
> to look for programs that use particular R functions?

> I am having trouble building R, so I have so far tested these changes
> only by patching revision 74631 (SVN head) and sourcing the resulting
> kruskal.test.R in R 3.4.1 on OpenBSD 6.2. I thus have not tested the
> R documentation files.
> x[DELETED ATTACHMENT disallow-character.diff, plain text]
> x[DELETED ATTACHMENT allow-character.diff, plain text]
> x[DELETED ATTACHMENT example.R, plain text]
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