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Re: Building R with f2c - still needed?

Prof Brian Ripley
Thank you both for the comments.  The problem is that we have a lot of
special-casing for f2c in the configure code, and I think it is becoming
unmaintainable.  (I've been doing some cleaning up after discovering
several errors in little-used cases, e.g. a substitute for alloca was
compiled iff --enable-R-shlib was not specified.)

A cleaner solution would be to use a wrapper for f2c as a pseudo-compiler.
I'll test that, and if it works then start to strip the special-casing

On Tue, 13 Dec 2005, Dirk Eddelbuettel wrote:

> On Tue, Dec 13, 2005 at 09:48:56PM +0000, Prof Brian Ripley wrote:
>> Does anyone have a need to use f2c rather than a Fortran compiler to build
>> R?
> We used f2c up until a few months ago as a last line of defence against
> crappy Fg77 code on m68k/arm (one or both, it changed at times).
> I'd be hesitant about throwing it out, but it is of course your call.
> Thanks, Dirk
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