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Michael Friendly
It is A Good Thing to regularize Authors and Maintainers of packages,
particularly for citation()
and toBibTex().

Could I add a suggested TODO item for the maintainer of package.skeleton
and friends to
help reinforce this for new packages:

- Please add appropriate templates for Author@R in the skeleton
DESCRIPTION file generated,
indicating the proper format as well as the use of role= to signal the
creator and

- a comment to see ?person for descriptions of fields wouldn't hurt either


On 8/8/2011 9:46 AM, Kurt Hornik wrote:

> Dear maintainers,
> This concerns the packages
>     CITAN ENmisc Formula MSBVAR RExcelInstaller RcmdrPlugin.mosaic
>     Rd2roxygen Rz SGP betareg expectreg fastcluster glmc gptk heplots pxR
>     sideChannelAttack sp spacetime trapezoid vcd
> maintained by one of you.
> I see that you have added Author@R fields providing enhanced information
> on package authors to your DESCRIPTION files, which since R 2.12.0 is
> used for auto-generating citations.
> In current r-devel, we have finally added functionality for also
> auto-generating package DESCRIPTION Author and Maintainer fields from
> the enhanced information "if needed" [i.e., existing fields will not be
> overwritten].
> However, in the process of this the field was renamed to 'Authors@R', so
> please change your DESCRIPTION files accordingly.
> In doing so, pls note that to auto-generate Maintainer fields the
> Authors@R fields need to provide authors with a maintainer (cre) role
> and an email address.  Currently, packages
>     CITAN MSBVAR SGP fastcluster glmc gptk heplots sideChannelAttack sp
>     spacetime trapezoid
> do not specify the package maintainer in their Authors@R field.
> (Note that to take advantage of the new auto-generation functionality,
> you need to rename to Authors@R, remove the DESCRIPTION Author and
> Maintainer fields in the package sources, and then run R CMD build from
> a current version of r-devel.)
> Best
> -k

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