Re: [R] cron job install/update problems: tcltk can't find display (installing e.g., pbatR)

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Re: [R] cron job install/update problems: tcltk can't find display (installing e.g., pbatR)

Prof Brian Ripley
This really is an R-devel question, so moved there.  (Just what would you
use R-devel for?)

On Fri, 20 Jan 2006, Paul Johnson wrote:

> On Fedora Core Linux 4, I have a cron job that causes R to update all
> packages and install new ones.  Lately, I notice in the log that some
> packages fail to install.  These are ones that assume X is running.
> For example, the pbatR install requires tcltk to be loaded, and then
> the install fails because in a cron job, there is no DISPLAY
> environment.  I suppose the same happens if you try to install R
> packages in the console, without X running?

Yes.  At least for tcltk this is solved in R-devel, so it will start
without X11.

Some of your `black list' will work if you update your gcc to the current
version (4.0.2).

> Error output is pasted here.  I wonder if you can advise me whether
> this is the kind of thing that can be fixed in the cron job or not.

Yes, if you run an X server (e.g. Xvfb) to which a cron job has access.

> I've verified that pbatR does install interactively (because tcltk
> does start).  If you think this is a pbatR-specific problem, i will
> contact the author directly.  When I have the repos option set, the
> interactive install does not cause any tcltk widgets to pop up, so I
> wonder if it is really necessary.

It is unreasonable that some packages expect X11 to be running to be
installed or checked.  So if the issue is not tcltk, please complain to
the maintainer(s).

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