Reading PCorpus created using tm package

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Reading PCorpus created using tm package

Paul Johnston-2
Dear All

I have created a permanent corpus and I can see the file exist:

(data_mined_permanent <- PCorpus(DirSource(("E:/textmining/texts")),
                                 readerControl = list(languages = "eng"),
                                 dbControl = list(dbName="E:/textmining/db_one",dbType = "DB1")))
print(list.files(path = "E:/textmining/"))

## [1] "corpora" "db_one"
## [3] "part_one.pdf" "part_one.rmd"
## [5] "processing_corpra.pdf" "processing_corpra.rmd"
## [7] "textmining.pdf" "textmining.rmd"
## [9] "textmining2.pdf" "textmining2.Rmd"
## [11] "textmining3.pdf" "textmining3.Rmd"

However I cannot see how to reload the said corpus after restarting an R session.

I've seen this

So can I create a corpus and just reload the file persistent copy or not?

Cheers Paul

Paul Johnston
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Room B39
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