Subclasses of class "call" not possible in R.

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Subclasses of class "call" not possible in R.

Vitalie S.-2

Hello Everyone!

I am trying to extend the class "call", but keep getting errors whatever I do:

setClass("mycall", contains = "call")
#[1] "mycall"

#Error in function (object)  :
#  error in evaluating the argument 'object' in selecting a method for function

new("mycall", quote(a+b))
#Error in .getClassFromCache(Class, where) :
#  could not find function "<undef>"

I understand this is rarely needed, but for some special reasons I really need
the class "call" (as usually returned by quote and substitute) and not class

Would really appreciate any workarounds.


platform       i386-pc-mingw32                            
arch           i386                                        
os             mingw32                                    
system         i386, mingw32                              
status         Patched                                    
major          2                                          
minor          12.0                                        
year           2010                                        
month          11                                          
day            01                                          
svn rev        53513                                      
language       R                                          
version.string R version 2.12.0 Patched (2010-11-01 r53513)

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