Unequal sample size in Robust Factorial mixed ANOVA

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Unequal sample size in Robust Factorial mixed ANOVA

Hi everyone,

I think the title of my message actually does say enough. I'm trying to compute a factorial mixed ANOVA. Since the assumption for equal variances is violated, I have to perform a non parametric test. This is the robust factorial mixed ANOVA, as recommended by Andy Field himself. I'm trying to execute this test by using the t2way function in R (from the WRS package). Unfortunately, it seems that this test cannot work with unequal sample sizes. It keeps reporting an error: "Error in `[[<-.data.frame`(`*tmp*`, grp[i], value = c(3.3905, 5.4738,  :
  replacement has 8 rows, data has 9".
I think this error is due to n=8 in one condition and n=9 in the other condition.

Please, is there anyone who can help me with this problem? Is there a trick that will make the t2way function work? Or is there maybe an other statistical test that a can perform?

Thanks in advance!