Why R-devel still reported: found no call to: 'R_registerRoutines'

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Why R-devel still reported: found no call to: 'R_registerRoutines'

Dear all,
I have a problem concerning checking my updated R package using winBuilder (R-devel)
want to share with you.
In the new version of my package, I have added a "init.c" file to the src fold.
R_registerRoutines(dll, NULL, NULL, FortranEntries, NULL) was claimed.
I have also added useDynLib(packagename, .registration = TRUE) to the NAMESPACE.
In the NAMESPACE, R functions were explicit exported using "export()".
However, I got a NOTE during test of my package using winBuilder (R-devel)
(R version 3.4.0 alpha (2017-03-29 r72438)):
Found no call to: 'R_registerRoutines'

The NOTE disappeared if the package was testd using winBuilder (R-release)
(R version 3.3.3 (2017-03-06)).

In addition, if I tried to install and load the zip file produced  by winBuilder (R-devel)
using R function library(), R crashed. However, the zip file produced by winBuilder (R-release)
can successfully been installed and loaded.

What's wrong?