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Bart Joosen
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I'm running a code which does some alignment between data.
Now I want to follow the alignment while looping over the data.

I'm aware of the animation package, and saw the (easy) example where a plot is animated by calling 100 times plot.

Is it possible to use this trick also for printing a dataframe to the graphics device?
I tried already addtable2plot, but the table doesn't fit in the graphics device (or I'm doing something wrong).

Here a simplified example of how the data looks and how it is filled:

dat <- data.frame(rows=rep(1:10, 15), columns=rep(1:15, each=10), result=NA)
dat$result <- NA
i = 0
while (!all(!$result))) {
        i = i + 1
        if (i==100) break
        dat$result[sample(1:nrow(dat),1)] <- rnorm(1)

in each loop should be something like:
print($result,list(rows=dat$rows,columns=dat$columns), function(x) paste(x[x!=""],collapse="/"))))


PS: I know that I can use a for loop instead of the while and if (i==100) break construction, but hey, its an example, right? ;-)