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auto grouping of data

Bart Joosen
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as I'm really not in the field of categorisation/classification/grouping/... I'm maybe asking a dumb/easy question, so I do apologize already ;-).

I have a dataset with 2 columns:
Article Test
  A      Test A
  A      Test B
  A      Test C
  A      Test D
  B      Test A
  B      Test E
  B      Test F
  C      Test A
  C      Test B
  C      Test C
  C      Test E

In total about 3000 rows, with 800 tests and 300 articles.
Now I want to form 4-5 groups of Tests where the article is linked to only 1 of the groups.
So in the example above, Article A & C look fairely similar based on their tests, so they might be in group1 while B is more different and might be in group2.

In the end I need a list to make:
Article Group
  A  1
  B   2
  C  1

And also:
Group Test
 1     Test A
 1     Test B
 2     Test F

Any ideas?

Thanks for your time