contact with GeneR developers?

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contact with GeneR developers?

Ben Bolker-2

  Is anyone in contact with the GeneR package developers?
The maintainer's e-mail (below) bounced ...
I wanted to let them know that we found some problems
with (probably) their C allocation code -- everything works
nicely under Linux, but almost nothing worked under Windows --
and there were (fixable) problems compiling under R-devel.

    Ben Bolker

Package:       GeneR
Title:         R for genes and sequences analysis
Description:   Package manipulating nucleotidic sequences (Embl, Fasta,
Version:       2.6.0
Date:          2006-03-17
biocViews:     Annotation, Genetics
Author:        L. Cottret, A. Lucas, E. Marrakchi, O. Rogier, V.
               Lefort, P. Durosay, A. Viari, C. Thermes & Y.
Maintainer:    Y. d'Aubenton-Carafa <[hidden email]>
License:       Free Software Licence CeCILL
Packaged:      Wed Apr 25 01:53:57 2007; biocbuild

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