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convert csv file to rda file

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I hope this is a simple question, but on much reading I cannot find the answer. On a Linux Fedora14 platform I managed to install the mclust (cluster analysis) package. It is working. I successfully ran the diabetes example in which there is a file diabetes.rda  But I cannot find how to convert my data.csv file to a suitable data.rda file. I receive improper object errors or something to that effect. So I am not converting my csv to a proper object. I have tried various save commands and as.matrix commands, but something is missing.  My .csv file has the usual format of a top line with column names and there are nine columns and 589 rows of data or 590 rows to include the column names (header). The file is tab delimited, but I could convert to comma delimited. The file looks something like the below.

age    type    alive    followup   grade   size   ERstatus   nodes   risk
67      1        1         45            3         2.4      1             3          1
56      2        0         78           2          1.6      0             0          0

Thanks for any help
L Dalton