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cummeRbund error

Hi, I am having an issue loading my cuffdiff output into cummeRbund. The follow are the errors I receive:

Creating database /cuffData.db Error in rsqlite_connect(dbname, loadable.extensions, flags, vfs) : Could not connect to database: unable to open database file

or 50+ of these:

1: In rsqlite_fetch(res@ptr, n = n) : Don't need to call dbFetch() for statements, only for queries

depending on how I submit it

From what I've read people have solved these issues by altering with the input (no symbols in the table) or by correcting the working directory. I have tried these and everything else I can think of. I have tried a cuffdiff output from a previous version and experiment and it runs in cummerbund fine...

I'm stuck. does anyone have a suggestion?