\dots used improperly in ?Rprof examples

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\dots used improperly in ?Rprof examples

Michael Chirico
\dots is used in the Usage section of the Rprof manual, but it's not
rendered as ...

I'm not sure if this should be \ldots, or just written manually with ...

Also, I think the Rprof() on the first line is intended to be on the second
line? So that the flow looks like

Rprof() # start profiling
## some code to be profiled
Rprof(NULL) # shut off profiling
## some code NOT to be profiled
Rprof(append = TRUE) # turn profiling back on and append output to current
## some code to be profiled
## ... et cetera
## Now post-process the output as described in Details

As it is the first line looks like it's commented out

Michael Chirico

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